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May 27, 2022, 08:12 PM
Thanks Gordon,

Magnetism That Made me Take Action.

So I am watching an Indian SWAMMI with a Huge White Beard on Youtube..

He says something that STARTLES ME.

So I go Out and Buy a Compass.

Then Move My Bed.

HE SAID, "Think about the pull of the North Pole on the Iron In Your Blood. More than 1/2 of Your Life you are Sleeping. So if you Sleep Feet or Head Pointed NORTH - Your Heart has to Pump Your Blood All The Way UP Your Body AGAINST the Magnetism of the North Pile - And You DIE QUICKER.


"If You Sleep at Right Angles to The North Pole. Your Heart Does Not Work so Hard while You Sleep. You Will Live Years Longer."


I Moved My Bed.


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