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May 24, 2022, 02:36 PM
My introduction to quieting the mind was in a hypnosis setting, and once in state, visualizing myself in the back of an empty theater, or movie house. We have this great movie house in Goodyear Hts., which shows old movie for cheap and during some matinees, I could be the only person in the theater.

It became my default for visualizing a blank screen to watch the movies of my mind. Now, truthfully, I had a hard time with meditation, and getting a blank, because just as soon as I did, that big movie screen appeared...

And so, I've often wondered what other people "see" in their mind's eye while meditating.

I can't tell the difference, and when hooked up to a pulse monitor, neither can my body.

The problem I had with clearing the mind was most often, I didn't want/need to, because I could enter a state of heightened awareness...which was much better way of dealing. Being hyper sensitive to surroundings and people, I more or less feel auras, can't see them like in childhood, which I thought was just something everyone did.

But the feeling of the energy around me was very useful, and I could redirect it away or toward someone without taking it on.

So, when I tried TM in San Francisco in 1972, I had a hard time with it...whereas many were swearing by it...I struggled.

Yes, the meditation market is huge, and the HOTSHEETS idea might be viable too, especially if used as a touchstone or amulet, like the solar-vision thing I pointed out, glue some ground crystals on it, and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day...like catching a rainbow or falling star (thanks Perry Como).

Time. If you have some time left in your tank, and this interests you, it can be a great hobby, money maker, friend finder, and even gather a tribe around you of people who share their journeys into the ether world.


I really need to do my morning meditations before I read these threads.

Meditation turned around for me when I shifted from the quiet or blank the mind style to discursive. Pick a theme and explore it in depth. Whenever you get distracted trace your thoughts back to the theme again. Keep going for 15 minutes.

A small booklet (hotsheet) of meditation themes for a specific topic could be interesting. Attract your soul mate, etc. Another with a set of affirmations with instructions on how to do them effectively. A related astrological pendant might be offered in the back. Venus for love, etc...

Thanks Gordon and Glenn. You got me thinking yet again!


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