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May 24, 2022, 09:22 AM
From even the moon, a short cosmos distance, we see this blue globe like thing.

What we know of Earth, and is taught in science, but hardly ever in PRACTICAL life terms is: Magnetic Poles, Gravity, Atmosphere.

I have engaged in discussions with several people about TENSOR RINGS, energy and RF and all things floating around us we can feel, tune into but can;t see. As Glenn pointed out about 5g, and the unknown effects it will have...although those who are sensitive to energy, know already, it ain't a good thing.

Bob Beckman, a friend of the forum, visited me and we went to Mary Campbell's cave, Bob was a Qigong Master and told me the energy at the cave was as strong as anyplace he's ever been (and he traveled the world)...and he did it without prompting cause I already knew it was an energy vortex.

I could go on and on, but what is the practical, useful and beneficial side to all this?

Understanding the magnetism of the Earth, that electricity was already there as Ben Franklin's kite experiment showed, and that it was a POWER which could be used.

Electricity can also kill you quick, and so can concentrated energy, as militaries around the globe would testify to, if they were willing.

Anyhow, electricity, magnetic, and RF are a part of this Earth, and all those powers can be harnassed and used. But only a few have ever explored the internal workings of these energies. Some of us are ulta sensitive, others just unaware.

We all know about Cell phones, radios, TV, Wi-Fi, Blue tooth but there are those of us who have tried to harness our natural state energies and put them to beneficial use.

Whether that is tuning into the thoughts floating all around us (as many inventors do), or to create a healthier body, to being a good steward of the Earth...there are many people interested in using their PERSONAL energy to, at a minimum, better their lives.

WE know about quartz, crystals, copper, magnets, but few actually follow the planet's blueprint, which combines all of them. Nothing we have here, except for some meteorites, wasn't here before us.

And so, the Earth has rules. And we break them, by not following magnetic lines or by trying to overcome gravity, or by not understanding how receptive our bodies are naturally to ENERGY of the Earth.

So, rocks, magnets, metals, electricity, flows, etc., etc. all come into play. And that is the goal of my new Psychic Energy Generator, both a reception and broadcast device to aid in using Nature's energy for beneficial purposes.


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