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May 27, 2022, 08:11 PM
Thanks Eric,

Did You SEE the Headline to a Taylor Swift Speech to a College Graduation Group.

Something like...

"My Biggest Mistakes Turned into my Greatest Successes."

Have You Heard of "The 5 Tibetan Rites?"

While Practicing the EZ Exercises I Made a Mistake.


"Anti-Gravity Pushups"

Which I Now Sell Directions to.

IF You HATE doing Pushups. And Want to Make Doing Pushups EFFORTLESS.
Email me and I will send you a Link. (Rentamentor@gmail.com


My Biggest Mistake with "The 5 Tibetan Rites" is what Turned all my Customers into


Massive XES Energy
In Men - You Find Yourself CHASING Women 24/7
In Women - You Find Yourself Chasing Men - 24/7

AND I BLAME - My Meditation Experiments!

I have a Bunch of Avid Meditation Fans on my list.

ASKED them to send me their Most Potent Meditation Exercises.

One Made Me Dizzy
a 2nd Gave Me a Headache
a 3rd Made me feel Sick to Stomach

They were PUZZLED because They felt fine.

What I Didn't TELL them was I added Each Meditation Exercise to My Quickie
Version of The 5 Tibetan Rites.

Version of the 5 Rites.

(SAFE because all you have to do to CALM DOWN is Stop The Exercises)

There are 1000's of people from all over the World
On YouTube showing You how THEY do The 5 Rites.

IGNORE all that.

Write This Down And Tape it to the wall.

Do each Exercise as Fast as You Can. And Instead of 21 Reps - You Can do 10 to
Start. Instead of Full Leg Lifts. Bend Your Knees - And Cheat.


With MY VERSION of the "5 Tibetan Rites" You Will Start to FEEL Extra Energy
in 24 to 48 hours. Not SMALL ENERGY. A LOT of Extra Energy.

(WHY AM I SHARING This for Free? Because I Want to SELL You The Antidote.
A Way to Absorb, SOAK UP or Internalize all that Energy SAFELY So You Can Apply all that Extra Energy to Your Life and Business.)



STEP ONE - Stand Up near a wall so You can Catch Yourself. Spin 21 Times - as
Fast as You Can - Clockwise. (Counter-clockwise is hurtful)

(And Pant like a dog While spinning. Intermingling Deep Breaths with The Panting.)

STEP TWO - Lie Flat on The Carpeted Floor. Bend Your Legs - Do 10 or More
Quick Leg Lifts up to 21. (While lifting Your Legs PANT and DEEP Breathe)

STEP THREE - Kneel on the Floor. Knees and toes touching the Floor. Slowly
and Carefully - Tilt Your Head - Chin on Chest to Head Back as Far as Comfy. 10 or more times Up to 21)

(Pant and Deep Breathe while doing the Head Titl)

STEP 4 - Lie Down Flat on Your Back Again. Raise up on Your Hands and Feet -
Like a Crab. RAISE and Lower Your Belly Up and Down. Floor towards the
Ceiling - 10 to 21 Times.

(Pant and Alternate Deep Breathe SAME TIME.)

Step 5 - Flip over on Your Stomach. On Hands and Toes Like Doing a Pushup.
But instead of Pushups. You Raise and Lower Your BUTT. Up toward the Ceiling.
And lower it down towards the floor. 10 to 21 Reps.

(Panting and Deep Breathing all the While)


Almost all other "Experts" who show Their Version of The 5 Tibetan rites say it
Takes WEEKS to FEEL the Energy."

But when You Do "The 5 Tibetan Rites" Fast and Half Assed (Meaning not perfect
like all The other Experts.)

You Will Begin to FEEL EXTRA Chi Energy in 24 to 48 hours.

And since All ENERGY is SEX ENERGY.

You will Quickly Become SEX MAD.

(Unless You Have My Antidote that Allows You To Safely STORE The Extra Energy. Create a BODY BATTERY.)

(I I have people in Wheel Chairs Doing this Successfully. They Spin their Chairs.
Then do the rest in Bed. So Unless You are DEAD - You Can Do This too.)


Yes. it's all the Extra Oxygen You Inhale In the Middle of The 5 Tibetan Rites
- The Exercises SO POWERFUL - they have been Passed down over a 1000 Years.

Glenn Osborn
Billionaire Watching Club

P.S. - Oh Yeah. One Tiny detail. MIGHT BE IMPORTANT.

MY Version of "The 5 Tibetan Rites" is so Easy.
SO FAST. So Effortless. That some folks do It over and over.

Back to Back.

Or Several Times a Day.

JUST KNOW You are Dealing with Something OLD and POWERFUL. Tibetan Monks Living past 100 Years Old - So we are Told.

The book about the 5 Rites I read WARNS You.

Too many Reps a Day And Your IMMUNE SYSTEM gets So Strong it starts Pushing
Toxins and Poisons out of your body - Thru Your Skin. Toxins You have absorbed
in the air, water and food you eat.


If that happens. Just Slow down. Or Quit doing the exercises. Your Skin will go back to normal. The Skin Rash will Disappear.

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