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November 24, 2006, 11:37 PM
Hi Gordon,

I have not yet read your report, but I am sure
that your report really elaborates on the importance
of building trust, relationship and credibility with the
prospects to close down more business and secure
lifetime customers.

However to elaborate on this point and how some
guru's have build their fortune applying a super powerful
system just building relationship with their LISTS, I am including
one of my articles below.

Hope this helps newbies who are dreaming to make millions
overnight seeing all sorts of get rich quickies...


You Can Make 1 Million Overnight - You Might Have Heard This 1 Million Times...

It's a fact that there is a whole lot of hype floating all around the net promising innocent newbies to make millions overnight.

And the sad part is that these so-called million dollar gurus rip off these newbies and they completely quit on their dreams of becoming a millionaire online.

On the other hand statistics have proved from time to time that internet has made possible for an ordinary average guy to achieve financial freedom.

So what's the secret ? What's the truth ? Is it possible to reach an internet millionaire status or is it just a big B.S. ?

Yes, for sure, internet has the horse power to create millionaires.

I will show you a simple 6-step system that BIG named internet millionaires have used to create millions of dollars.

Lets get started to achieve your million-dollar dream...

Step 1 - Create a simple lead-capturing minisite in your niche that you're targeting. Create a package worth $97 and give it for FREE to your subscribers.

Step 2 - Use a smart autoresponder where a visitor to your site has to subscribe to your list to receive your $97 free gift.

Step 3 - As soon as the visitor subscribes to your list follow up with an ecourse that contains quality information. Promote your own product or an affiliate product in the ecourse.

Step 4 - Promote your lead capturing minisite and start building your subscriber list.

Step 5 - Create an ezine or a newsletter every week and blast it to your list. Make sure your ezine contains quality information that earns you your subscribers trust and builds your credibility.

Step 6 - Blast an offer or sales pitch to your list periodically and sell them something. Please DO sell something and don't feel shy asking your subscribers for money.

Here's how this 6-step system can make you millions.

After applying this system for 1 year lets say you create a list of 10,000 subscribers.

Now you promote an offer to your list every week and sell them something.

Lets say this week you planned to sell a quality affiliate product in your niche, which makes you $20 commission.

Out of 10,000 subscribers just 1% responded to your offer and purchased your product.

This means you'll instantly sell 100 products by just clicking a button. It won't take you more than 1 hour to create a killer offer and blast it to your list.

With a profit of $20 per product you will end up making $2000 instantly with the 100 products that you sell by just clicking on the 'Send' button.

If you just promote 1 product per week you will end up making $2000 every week. That leads to $8000 minimum, per month.

What if you created a list of 100,000 subscribers using this system ?

What if you promote a product with a $100 net profit and blast it to your list ?

I am sure, you can now see your 1 million-dollar dream come true.

With this kind of system in place you can easily approach your goal of 1 million dollars or more within few years of creative efforts.

So read this article once again, pull up your sleeves and get started today.

Your Friend,
Murtuza Abbas.

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