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November 25, 2006, 05:27 PM

Thanks for coming back in.

You are Obviously NEW here. Otherwise you would Know I am Cooled Down - cause you ain't seen me heated... yet.

You can Sugar-Coat it any way you like, those IFs make the entire System - or should I say, Advice - useless as far as being able to be implemented into something which will make someone money. And this 6 Step System you espouse is Not all there is to it, or the Only way. There are people making money Without this 6 Step System.

If I start an internet business there's a chance of making profits. IF I don't then there's no chance of being successful. So you should see on the positive side and take a chance.

If you start an Internet Business (whatever That is/means) there's also a chance of wasting a Lot of time and money and ending up with nothing. If you don't (start an internet business) that doesn't mean there's no chance of success as you imply, it just means you won't make money online - there is Still plenty of money to be made Offline in the really real world.

You SHOULD not do something because someone else tells you you should. You would be Wise to do Due Diligence - And - take with a grain of salt any advice to Take A Chance when given by someone who is selling something telling you how to make money.

I am reminded by the words of Mike Enlow: "there are more people selling information about how to make money on the internet, than there are people making money on the internet."

And I'll add... the Big Names you hear about make money sell "how to make money online" info. and nothing more. Meaning, they made there money telling others how to make money online, without themselves actually having made money online selling something else using the System they say will work.

As far as I know there is One exception. Cory Rudl. Who sold Car Buying info Before revealing the system he used to sell that info.

Sorry, Murtuza. Those of us with a few years under our belt of being online, have seen plenty of people like you. Fly in with all the wonderful "advice" of making money online, yet not having made money online selling anything other than their make money online course.

Ross, out.

Michael Ross

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