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November 25, 2006, 04:44 AM

Thanks for your additional comments.

I read your fist post, and this follow up, and I can't help but see the typical hypey sales letter words... the words which most people miss and which make things sound Oh So Good. For example...

I am sure if done things correctly there are fruits to be seen on the other end

That Tiny litte word... IF... makes a World of difference. IF done correctly. IF a product that people want... IF they buy in droves... IF you get a 1% response rate... IF 10,000 are on your list.... IF IF IF.

applying the right system with LOTS of dedication and efforts might turn anyone into millionaire

So after applying this System and adding LOT of dedication (money too) and effort I MIGHT become a millionaire. Which means, I MIGHT NOT as well - even after the System if followed with dedication and Effort.

In short, the entire thing is a Crap Shoot. You MIGHT hit upon success IF this and IF that and IF something else. Let me show you...

"To become a millionaire is easy to do. If you can come up with a product that people want and if you have 100,000 people on your email list who are primed to buy that kind of product, and if you can market to them at teh right time and with the right message, then you stand to make a Lot of money".

See all the IFs and covering statements in there? Makes the whole thing Pure Fluff.

It's that kind of generic IF this and IF that, that I saw in your post. SOUNDS good... but that's all. There are too many Conditions to call it a System. And what is being called a System is too generic to be of any Help to anyone. may as well try a heap of different things and Hope something works.

Also, WHO are these 100's of marketers making Good profits? And what basis do you say "has been proved time and time again on the internet"? Saying it as a matter of fact, doesn't make it so.

Michael Ross

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