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November 25, 2006, 06:30 AM
Hi Michael,

One should be positive enough to face
challenges in life.

You should dare enough to get started
and everything gets started on a big IF.

If I start an internet business there's a chance
of making profits. IF I don't then there's no
chance of being successful. So you should see
on the positive side and take a chance.

So you need to get started with atleast
something and a BIG IF.

If one is not ready to face IF's then probably
one is NOT ready for success.

I may be wrong but that's what I believe and

I started my first 2 sites saying IF I do it
they might be successful.

And they bombed. Then I started my third
site again saying IF I apply the 6 step system
it MIGHT succeed and it DID.

So fortunately you need to get started with
something with IF and MIGHT and then face
many challenges and struggle and put a whole
lot of dedication to make it successful.

Even a super successful internet marketer
will NOT tell you that you WILL succeed reading
their ebook or purchasing their software.

They will advise you that this is what I have done
and if you do it you MIGHT succeed and IF you
put your dedication in it with posititive attitude
this MIGHT be the solution to your success. IF not
then I will provide you a refund.

I am not saying that you are wrong. It is possible
that the 6 step system might have not worked for you,
so you are arguing on it.

But it has worked for me only because I tried it
out with a big IF. And after struggle and some failures
and with a BIG learning curve things will start working

Here are the 6 steps which I had mentioned in
the previous post...

STEP 1. Create a lead capturing minisite. If you've been
on internet for a while I am sure that you have seen
a lead capturing page on almost all the sites that do
serious marketing. It will exist on all the websites of
successful internet marketers too, why they do it, beause
it works.

STEP 2. Use a smart autoresponder. I am sure that you
know this is the MOST important tool you will need
to get started with your internet business. Everyone
uses it. Am I right?

STEP 3. Create ecourse. That's simply to create a bait
to get them in your follow up system and bribe
them to give their email address. I am sure you
agree with me that ecourse, miniebook or anything
quality for free will boost relationship with the subscriber.

STEP 4. Promote Your lead page. This is basics, you've
to promote it to make your site work. No one can
argue on this that you shouldn't promote your site.
Am I wong with this ?

STEP 5. Create ezine and newsletter. I am sure that you
have seen ezine and newsletter on almost every site
that really knows how to make long term profits and
build strong relationship with their list. Is there anything
wrong in doing this, if yes, let me know?

STEP 6. Send them offers periodically. This is not wrong, you
have to make money at the end. I am sure you see
offers in your mailbox from top guru's every now and
then and you might have even purchased products from
recommendations of top internet marketers whom you trust.
Why is this so, that's because of the 6 steps working above.

I can understand that you're trying to say that there are
many variables in using the above system and lots of
loop holes like spam issues, people unsubscribing every now
and then and lots of other stuff.

But you cannot ignore that the above 6 steps is the
bread and butter of the internet marketers and they
follow a systematic plan to execute the above system
even though there are many complications that arise due
to the regular nature of internet.

However I am not against your opinion, you're right
in your way, but what I am saying is that this is
not something to be completely ignored by a newbie
or anyone who is thinking about starting an internet business.

Capturing a lead, that's a prospective customer, building
relationship with the lead and selling them is a very powerful
marketing tactic not only used online but is also used offline
by big corporates, banks, credit card companies and was also
a part of direct marketing since ages.

Yes, things are difficult but one cannot ignore about the
importance of putting the 6 step system in any campaign
only thinking that whether it MIGHT work or NOT.

Murtuza Abbas.

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