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November 25, 2006, 01:04 AM

Thanks for going on a Posting Blitz on this board.

To be blunt... you might as well say... just create a product many people will buy and sell it. Because the advice is just as effective... next to useless, because the Devil Is In the HOW of it. The WHAT is easy. The HOW is Not.

Reminds me of the old Internet Money Machine...

1: Create a product people want.
2: Create a killer website to sell it.
3: Plug in an automatied payment system
4: Do an ezine ad blast with paid ads as well as jv ads.

Sounds Simple, doesn't it. Of course, the WHAT, as those four steps show, Is simple. The HOW... well, we all know That is a completely different story, don't we?

Michael Ross

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