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May 29, 2007, 10:04 PM

You guys are really great! So much creative energy that really gets the juices flowing. My brother is coming to town for a couple days and then going back to Branson. I am putting all this information together for him to review. I hope we get a chance to discuss it face to face, but if not, at least by phone because there seem to be some great possibilities here.

Unfortunately, I don't think they have a meeting room but they may have enough room in the front desk area for souvenirs, etc. The idea of getting room rents closer to $30.00 a night could really make a difference, as could some advertising and the possibilities of increasing low season attendance could be huge.

Getting some perks to the workers might make a difference and those are some good suggestions for that.

Ideas, resources, processes, etc.--you all have given a bunch to digest.

Thank you very much,


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