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May 29, 2007, 02:07 AM
Wow, that was quick! Two responses already. Thank you very much for your thoughts.

I don't think the motel has a website at present--or if it ever did. It is small and nothing fancy from what I understand--I have never seen it. They have kept the name but have put on a new roof and repaired rooms, upgraded furniture, repaired the outdoor swimming pool, repaired plumbing and have done some cosmetic facelift to the outside. I don't think it has a separate dining area.

During this time of year they keep fairly close to full occupancy, perhaps because it has low end rental fees--upper $20's I think.

I don't know about a business plan, though they seem to get a lot of repeat business from previous years. I would guess their SOP is based pretty much on what was done with the previous owner, but don't know if it is written down.

Both my brother and wife are sticklers for cleanliness and have customer friendly personalities but they are new to this business. Marketing may be a weakness, except that they seem to be close to full most of the time. Putting the rent up a bit higher might help, but may put them above nearest competitors.

It was my idea to try to figure out how to maybe develop another stream of income that might be compatible with the business and location and that is far as I got because I'm not a very creative type.

Thanks, again, for your consideration. I realize this might be a nearly impossible idea, but doesn't hurt to throw it out.


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