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Emily Rice
October 7, 2007, 08:02 PM
I just happened across the discussion here because I was looking for more information about the 20/20 challenge as all the information I've been able to find so far is "it's great, buy it...but use my affiliate link" content. So far, I've only be able to find one seemingly honest review of it and have been looking for more. In case others want to read it, it's at http://www.alternativesoho.com/reviews/day-zero.html

If anyone knows of other links, please share them. I really would love some honest feedback about this program because $250 is a lot of money to some people (me!). There's a guarantee, yes, but what if I spend more money working through the program and it doesn't work out? That means I'll still lose money.

On another note, I'm surprised to learn that Michael Green really isn't Michael Green after all. While it might be common practice, it left a bad taste in my mouth as a potential customer. Although he may have built a successful business over time, it made me question his motives and he lost some of my trust before he even had it.

If others have feedback about this program (preferably those who actually own it and aren't trying to push an affiliate sale), please share.

Thank you everyone!


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