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Emily Rice
October 8, 2007, 07:16 PM
Pete, I asked a question and expressed an opinion, next thing I know, it looks as though you're jumping down my throat. The reason I didn't ask in *his* forum is because it's *his* forum. I do appreciate your recommendation that it's not for newbies.

Thank you Phil. Your response was quite helpful and I'm off to read the links you've provided.

Since both you and Pete said it's not good for newbies, I'm going to hold off on it, read some more reviews, and learn the ropes. It was surprising though since the e-mail I received said the course was geared specifically for newbies.

I can appreciate the use of a pen name, especially if you're in an area where using your real name could cause a stir, but something didn't sit right with me about it personally. Not saying the guy's bad or anything, so please don't take it that way. Just expressing my opinion.

Margaret, your explanation was quite helpful as I wasn't familiar with UK rules or how they viewed someone using a pen name. Knowing that using a pen name would still mean he's accountable for his business and actions certainly does settle my "red flag alert".

Thanks for all your input everyone.


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