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October 8, 2007, 05:00 AM
On another note, I'm surprised to learn that Michael Green really isn't Michael Green after all. While it might be common practice, it left a bad taste in my mouth as a potential customer. Although he may have built a successful business over time, it made me question his motives and he lost some of my trust before he even had it.

Hi, Emily - I'm sure that, as a Member of the UK Parliament, "Michael Green" can't afford to do anything in his business life which would torpedo his Parliamentary career. He chose to use a pen-name to keep the two sides of his life distinct; the UK Parliamentary rules require him to list his business interests and he's subject to the same scrutiny as any other MP. From that point of view, I'm sure that you need not worry.

As far as the quality of the content of the course - can't comment, as I haven't bought. However, I have seen testimonials that he issues refunds without question.

Hope that helps.


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