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May 23, 2012, 02:44 AM
Thanks Marshall.

I apologize if you thought I was dismissive. I was merely trying to convey what I learnt from Roy H. Williams about radio advertising.


Roy H. Williams writes for Radio Ink and teaches courses on running profitable radio ads.


All of the points on Facebook are from my own experience. People over here know that I dabble a lot with online advertising. Its not merely opinion.

Here is how I run Facebook ads. Take what you want from it.

1. Before starting a Facebook ad campaign, do research on Google Ad planner and Google Insights. Get the demographics of your audience.

2. While starting out - Don't go for Like campaigns. Go for External URLs. (There are some situations with which you could go for a Like campaign for your Facebook page. But you need to create a custom tab that makes a direct offer. Something like "Like us and get a discount coupon.")

3. Start a campaign and test it on an audience of 20,000. Focus only on one city or one state. Focus based on Precise Interest. The only time you would want to use Broad Interest is if you want to advertise to people who are just engaged or just married or have just moved. But otherwise, stick to Precise Interest.

Eg: for a campaign on crossfit training, don't run the ad for all of USA. Run it only in Washington and Texas. (Google Insights shows people from those 2 states search the most on crossfit.) Select ages 35-44 (because Google Ad planner shows that thats the audience for crossfit.com.) If your ad works with such narrow filters, you can than expand and create more ads.

Why test with $300 when you can test with $20? Test cheaply.

4. When you start seeing a drop in your CTR - change your creatives.

5. Constantly split test. Your headline. Your creatives. Your targeting.

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