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Dien Rice
May 21, 2012, 04:34 PM
Hello there Dien

I am new to this forum; more of a learner than an educator when it comes to what is discussed here.

I was just reading this in the copywriting section on WF that one of the guys put up.

**Okay scrap that, I can't post links as I have not written 10 times yet.**

FB click through rate averages at 0.05 or 1 in 2000 for ads.

Maybe that is why GM pulled their advertising?
Hi Dan,

First, sorry about the "link" thing... I just removed the restriction, so there should be no problem posting links now... (I put the restriction up to battle spam - but we seem to have a pretty good handle on it nowadays!)

Thanks for that... Wow, a .05% clickthrough rate is awful!

It may be that Facebook advertising may work for some things... Like things that people would be "fans" of (such as sports teams)... However, for smaller businesses, or more "mundane" businesses, perhaps it just doesn't work...

To my understanding, it's also a less direct process. You have to create a Facebook page for your business... Your advertising gets people to "like" your business Facebook page. Only from your Facebook page, then, can people click through to your web page which is outside of Facebook.

For many people, getting people to go to your website is where the "money" is, since people can't order your product from within Facebook itself, only if they go outside of Facebook to your web page. Of course, of the people who "like" your Facebook page, only a tiny fraction will ever click on the link to go to your own website... That's my understanding of how it works, anyway...

Thanks for the further information...!

Best wishes,


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