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September 7, 2012, 05:38 PM
I just read this interesting article... About a guy who spent 160 Euros (just over $200 US dollars) to market his packaging business on Facebook, and got...

...2 clicks to his website!

(That's a cost of about $100 per click.)

I haven't advertised on Facebook myself, but know a couple other people who have also advertised, who told me they got poor results (one runs an online game).

Have you heard of any success stories with paid marketing on Facebook? (That is, paying for ads...)

I suspect the Facebook advertising model will never be as successful, for people who actually track the results, as the Google "Adwords" model (and other similar, search engine-based advertising)...

Oh, here's the article I referred to earlier...

I put my family business on Facebook. Here’s what happened.

Best wishes,

For local FB rocks!

i have worked with 6 local business and it flat out
works, IF you buy right and track things properly.

FB will flat out rip you off if you are not tracking
where your clicks are coming from.

For the month of Aug for of my clients FB states that we got
over 2100 clicks on our ads. Yet only about 110 or so hit our
site(for tracking when our ads are clicked on from FB they are
sent to our site when this is done FB lets the person know they
are leaving FB. On the missing traffic as soon as they leave this
warning from FB the traffic never shows up @ the site! Human
beings can't move that fast. Bots however can.

Buying the traffic correctly will put you way ahead of the game
we buy for 4 cents a click! If you listen to FB we should be paying
almost 60 cents a click. At those number we would lose our shirt.

It is kinda like someone offering you a dinner for $100.
FB: This dinner cost $100
ME: Well i don't want to pay $100
ME: What happens if i pay $10
FB: Well... You still get dinner
ME: Check ok?

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