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Old September 23, 2023, 12:32 PM
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Default OK, here's a biz for you and family.

I am conferring with some folks who are getting ready to build ANOTHER co-op office space/cafe. These are becoming very popular. These folks, however, have another leg...instruction. Before I get too detailed, everyone check your local area for Co-op office space, see what you have.

This is a brand new one, built from the ground up:

Watch the short video, very cool concept and his location is PERFECT too.

About 12 years or so ago, I wrote about how I was using the SELLE space, the name of the building, so I am not a newcomer to co-op office space, I've watched it grow, some like We Work, to gigantic proportions.

The pandemic knocked a lot of them down and out, but now there is a resurgence, people wanting to get back out and do some business.

Locally, we have BIG EASY DESK, which I have used and have written about.

Which is not getting great reviews, sort of dank and dingy (in a very old building with not much natural light), but it does offer some really good services, such as a mail box and meeting rooms with equipment.

But the NEW one in town, is what I want to call your attention to today. This is a model maybe to think about, simply because it is simple, and there are lots of vacant spaces today which could be repurposed to this idea, with some variations of course.

Here is a short video TOUR of the room. And that is really all there is, a room, with many uses to it.

See, she can get a 75 dollar hourly rate from a room. I'm guessing this is about 500 sq. ft. This is brand new, the owner has had her consulting biz there and has recently opened up a candle shop/w drinks place, we'll see how that one goes, I suspect within the year she'll get away from the candles and more toward the booze part of it. She can also rent out that space for parties and such.

Anyhow, you have a room. And although I guarantee this will evolve, because it is too ambitious, it is nonetheless an idea to examine.

But MEMBERSHIPS, day use, special events, pop ups, take a good long look at what she is doing, because FOLKS, there isn't much to this but a big empty room, and you can probably do a proof of concept using a co-op place...

Which brings me back, to the future.

The NEW soon to be funded and built (hopefully) is a project by two young (mid 30's??) professional a trainer and one a project manager...who have a very good plan on the combo I mentioned above.
Co-op work space.
Cafe/coffee shop.

See, what they bring to this sort of a biz is the last part, they will USE some of their space to offer a wide variety of training, some even on demand, while offering the best of Co-Op working, "Starbux" like cafe, and classes, courses, specialized learning centers...sort of like

Which serves as a model for this sort of business, they have two in Brooklyn and a "sister" one in Rochester NY.

Now the UNIQUE part of their biz plan is, the initial MARKETING for the new co-op is going to be...

HELP WANTED ADS. As they use social medias and Facebook groups asking for those people who might want to offer a course or ANYTHING, since they will provide the space, it opens up a lot of possibility.

Anyhow, I think this is a very good idea, and maybe Melbourne is ready for something like this...can you find any vacant spaces, and test on a lease basis, in other words, don't buy equipment, but lease it as you go until it pays for itself. I believe a prudent use of software, and AI, can handle most of the lifting to get it off the ground.

So there you go. Money from an empty room.


Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Gordon,

I'm interested!

Could always use an extra $3k to $4k a month...

This may sound egotistical... But I feel like now, I know so much about copywriting and marketing... That I often forget some of the good stuff...

Good thing that I make copious notes... But heck, there are a lot of notes I've made to read through!

On the positive side, a lot of these notes could be turned into info-products...

I really should study Robert Greene (who wrote the "48 Laws of Power," "The Art of Seduction," and other books)...

I actually haven't read any of his books... But I like the model. Nothing in his books (to my knowledge) is original. But what he's done is to take wisdom from various places (including ancient sources), and put it all together in one place...

And people love it...

Best wishes!


Last edited by GordonJ : September 23, 2023 at 12:44 PM.
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