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August 10, 2019, 11:05 AM
Oh yeah, motivation. I'm not really motivated by money... (Sacrilege!)

BUT... I am motivated by trying to do good for my loved ones. And in trying to make the world a better place - or, at least trying to make it a better place than it would have been if I had never lived...

I think, so far, my contribution is net positive! (That's my feeling, anyway...)

Best wishes,


Fly with me back in time, to when you came to beautiful Cuyahoga Falls to "pitch" me the idea of SowPub. If memory serves, I was somewhat reluctant to get involved in another forum, because, at that time, I felt my "voice" had been censored by those with other forums.

You assured me, I would be heard. And along with you NOT being motivated by money, if you remember back then, almost 20 years ago, some of the forum and bulletin boards were generating early GURUS, and more than one had the "fake it to you make it" attitude. Remember the guy who used to use different names to post on his own threads at his own forum?

Those type of shenanigans gave me interest in your idea.

It would be hard to find those early videos (thank Goodness for old hard drives which still work) of a few of those guys revealing the TRUTH, about telling fibs to get followers. HA!

Anyhow, here at SowPub, we focus on business, but even from day one, and before that we were in agreement that MONEY wasn't to be only focus, and that wealth of wisdom, riches of experience, depth of knowledge and respect for humanity weigh as much on our scales as would the gold.

We agree, money is necessary. And there are 1001 ways to go about making it, earning it, and keeping it that do not involve any questionable, moral or legal line crossing or even skirting it.

The fact you were never about just the MOOLAH, and had that helpful nature is the reason there is a SowPub at all.

And, with a few chest thumping, egotistical exceptions, all have been welcome here to share their wealth, in whatever form it takes and others have been welcome to partake of the shared wisdom.

We've been fortunate to attract some pretty decent people, who happen to be successful marketers, and to extract some gold from their lives too.

Hope it continues.

SowPub is unique in the world of forums, nothing else like it out there. Glad you were such a good salesman on that warm Summer day on the veranda of the Sheraton Suites. Thanks.


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