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August 7, 2019, 10:29 AM
So, do YOU want to roar like a lion?

Be as fast and furious as a movie star on the silver screen?

Let the world know how fierce you are and make them shudder with fear?

What or who is stopping you?

Good luck with that. I'm going to remain as gentle as a lamb.

So, what do you want? The tired, old saw of GJA, who has been asking that question for the last 3 decades.

He calls it Square One. And since when do I talk about myself in the third person? (silly boy)

Yea, knowing what you want is often the only motivation you need, and gives you the energy to get it.

It is a desire, a burning desire said Napoleon Hill in Think And Grow Rich. He called it the starting point of riches. But maybe riches are not what you want, at least not the monetary kind.

Maybe you desire richness of experience, of friendship, of fellowship. Of family and friends. Maybe you want to be fierce, ferocious or furious, or just fabulous.

Only you get to decide what your desires are and what they mean to you.

But, it has been Gordon's experience, Oops, here I go again...

it has been MY experience that too many people want too much, they want it all. Like a kid in a candy store wants to eat every piece he can, we want to have it ALL. Whatever that means, it means something to you.

Because so many want so much, they end up getting so little.

They lack focus. They can't sustain their interests, their energies, their pursuits and do the daily grind which takes them closer to their desires.

But who or what is stopping you? Me? Anyone from doing what we want to do?

The criminal side, the psychopath side, the totally selfish side and the ignorant and hatred filled side...does what it wants. It feels cheated, that it is owed something, that others have wronged them and they are getting their revenge.

It goes gets a military weapon, (legal), loads it with flesh tearing bullets (legal) and goes to a venue; a concert in Las Vegas, a school, a movie theater, a meeting, a church, synagogue or mosque and opens fire.

Fulfilling his desire to destroy. To decimate those whom he doesn't even know, but hates all the same. HATES because he is injured, ineffective and ignored in this world.

There is NOTHING stopping him, is there?

But hopefully, we SowPubbers have different desires. Different wants.

Hopefully, we want to share our success, our appreciations and our kindness.

Maybe we do want a nice car, house, boat and money in the bank, and hopefully we are NOT willing to rob, cheat or steal to get it. But hopefully, we are willing to work hard for what we want, doing no harm along the way to anyone else, and fulfilling our best natures in the process.

Maybe most of us still prefer to fly low and collect the dough. No need to see our name in lights. IT wants to be seen and known.

John Hinckley shot a president. Others, whose names should not even get any press are daily getting what they want, some publicity, some coverage, some revenge and fulfilling their agendas.

So, you, what do you want?

Are you like Meatloaf in the song, LOUDER THAN ANYTHING, which seems to be what IT wants, to be louder than the good.

And what is stopping you from getting it?

I hope and believe most of you (we) want a better life given to us by effort and mutual benefit, and do not want the instant gratification of fulfilling some hate filled manifesto, or need to be seen as fierce, ferocious or furious.

I'd rather be the quiet and innocuous jelly fish, the oldest multi-organ animal in the world. It has survived but you wouldn't want one for a pet.

But be as ferocious as you want. Good for you for at least making a decision about what you want.


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