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June 5, 2021, 11:23 AM
First this:

The actual study is hard to read, full of jargon.

Anyhow, thanks GLENN,

I love to tell myself how smart, clever and intelligent I am...it makes me feel good (I guess quite literally*)...

Until I discover what a Dumb AZZ I really am.

In 1969 I found two mentors, the best PICK-UP artists on my boat. At 19 I was like the boys in STRANGER THINGS who thought girls were a different species.

I was as clueless as Alicia Silverstone, dumber than a rock. So, I looked for help.

We reached Hawaii later that year, and had 90 days off the boat, so I apprenticed with these two girl getting geniuses, sort of.

One was a clown. He would approach girls with his hands held out, in each one was a little plastic figure, a Disney character or one of 4 he had: Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Daffy. He would hold out Mickey and Donald and in one of their voices he would ask the girls who they preferred...and before they could answer the other one would chime in. Always got a laugh.

Then he asked her to hold them, while out came Goofy and Daffy, and in their voices started complaining about being the second banana in this act.

He then told them he was in the Navy, getting out soon, going to Hollywood to become the next Mel Blanc (or voice artist is they didn't know) and asked them what they thought.

This is how it began for him. I sort of became his silent wing man. Once a girl who got stuck with me asked what I could do like that, my off the cuff response was,

"When I'm around an attractive girl, I do a pretty good Elmer Fudd, but it isn't by cho choi choice." From there I want into question mode.

Now at the time, I was already a student of persuasion, influence and salesmanship and had an interest in neuro sciences, but (and this is where the Dumb AZZ part comes in), I never connected the dots between what these guys did and what the brain chemistry was.

The other guy took a part-time job at the Hilton hotel in Waikiki as a bell hop, luggage carrier. His approach was this:

"I'm a Taurus, a real stubborn guy, what is your sign?" Sure it is LAME today, but back then, a pretty pat intro ice breaker.

Whatever they said, he got excited, said his REALLY FUN high school girlfriend was the same thing, that she loved to go dancing and went off to college and broke his heart. Followed by where are you from? No matter where, he had ridden his motorcycle through there a couple of years ago, and asked then what they liked about that place.

It sounds cheesy as heck today, but these two guys were pros, until the clown fell in love with a twin sister act and his mentoring became useless...when a pick-up artist gets smitten, game over.

Now, I've never given their "techniques" much of a thought, always assumed it was more personality than anything, but both of these guys innately knew how to get their targets in that endorphin pumping state of mind early and keep them there to a satisfactory conclusion. Now all this way before NLP and advanced Neuroscience studies.

I was too dumb to connect the dots.

What we have now, is the Glenn Masterclass (and I've taken a dozen of those) and what he has shared is probably more valuable to me than a Morgan Freeman drama education, albeit, his is pretty, pretty, pretty good.

If Glenn were to drop the Mic and leave the bldg with Elvis, we would still have as much useful, practical, and applicable information as we need to keep our own shows on the road.

On my PictoGrigm Of Persuasion, I am going to add ENDORPHIN to the brick I have you throw into the bubble of preoccupation of your target, it just makes more sense now.


P.S. *literally, no, for reals. he he

Thanks Gordon,

Flip Wilson could get away with saying things as "Geraldine"
that he couldn't say as "Himself."

Napoleon Hill and other book Authors
Who Tell Moolah Making Stories in their Books
are ALSO saying Things You Can't Find in Movies or TV. Magazines or Newspapers either.

Napoleon Hill - "The Law of Success" - Tells a Story about the #1 Salesman out of tens of thousands Dr Hill Trained to sell "Securities." And then INSULTS the reader. Saying we are TOO DUMB to learn from the #1 Guy.

I Took This to Heart and Studied what the #1 Guy was Doing.

"The Lost Secret" - In The Two Chapters Removed From "Think & Grow Rich"
Hill Talks about how You Raise and Lower Your Positive Energy Vibration - Depending on who you are WITH.

SCIENTISTS discovered people who TALK about themselves are Triggering the SAME AMOUNT of Brain Pleasure ENDORPHINS as people taking Cocaine.


A Recent COMPLAINT from a Former NBC Sports CameraMan - Building onto his house. He was Getting Contractors to TALK about what they LOVED MOST. A Hobby or a video game. AND THESE GUYS Did Lousy Work. Forgot to do Simple Stuff. (I told him he was DRUGGING them by Listening to what they LOVE to do.)


DEBRA just Sold 1.2 Million Bucks worth of Toyota's - in less than a Year.

We Spoke for an hour.

What she Took from all those Case Studies I shared was ONE IDEA.

Ask each car shopper to tell her about their DREAM CAR. And let them TALK themselves into buying a car.


(This is NOT what the 100's of Sales books I've read say to do!)

Debra LISTENED While Each Prospect Drugged Themselves into a Positive Energy.

Happy Endorphin Fog.

Mastermind Vibration Pleasure State of Mind.

The Car Sale is Something that "Just Happened" Along the way.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Dien Guessed Right on a Recent BRIBE-FOR-YOUR-OPINION Poll I did with my Ezine list.

300% More Votes Came in for:

"How to Mastermind w/A Billionaire without Telling Him"

Than for the other 10 Headlines
We Tested.

P.P.S. - I tested with and without. And I DO
Get More Participation when I Entertain Ezine Subscribers with Bribes Like:

BRIBE REPORT - "How I Formed a MASTERMIND With Mohammed Ali In Order to
Park Illegally without Getting Towed or Ticketed."

P.P.P.S - About 50% of my Headline ""Voters" Buy the Info Product they
VOTE FOR - so If I Get Enough Participation PLUS a Clear Winning Headline - I go
ahead and CREATE the Product.

Saves a Ton of Mistakes.

SHORT VERSION - "I ask my Customers what they want to BUY then Sell it to them."

I Learned to do this from
Gary Halbert,
Bill Myers,
Ted Nicholas (The Hidden Benefit)
Napoleon Hill.

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