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June 2, 2021, 10:21 AM
Geraldine. The famous in your face darling brought to life by Flip Wilson.

Sort of like my lottery system, when you're hot, you're hot.

I really like the sound of your band. If they have formed a mastermind among themselves, they might be on the brink of bigger things. And the manager plays a big part in pushing them over that brink...ala Brian Epstein.

If they are ready, so are you.

Now you apply, IMPLEMENT the techniques and strategies and knowledge and take them to their next level whatever that might be.

I have a project coming up in about a week or so, but between now and then, I have time to write some posts, maybe bring a few of the older things back alive, eh?


Thanks, Glenn and Gordon,

This is an amazing exchange!

I just want to say it sparked a lot of ideas in me...

As you (probably) know, I'm also a band manager...

The band hasn't been doing that much lately due to Covid, but this has really sparked some great promotional ideas, believe it or not, that I can use there... And also elsewhere too!

I have to say, too, some of the earlier discussion did make me think about Remote Influence and Gordon's special formula, and it is consistent with that...

Glenn's discussion on this, and Gordon's response, has my brain reeling...

My mind is literally "blown" to smithereens!*



*A pet peeve I have is people using the word "literally" when it would "literally" be impossible... :)

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