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Dien Rice
December 16, 2022, 10:43 PM
Hi Gordon,

I don't get MJ DiMarco's newsletter (perhaps I should?)!

I've been following this whole AI thing for a while... It's clear it's gonna be revolutionary...

Exactly how, we're still finding out!

As far as writing is concerned, right now, it just seems it can write in a basic yet kind of mediocre way... Shakespeare it ain't...

However, there are useful jobs it can do.

For example, one guy got it to write a letter to fight his parking ticket (https://notesbylex.com/disputing-a-parking-fine-with-chatgpt.html) (it got the ticket cancelled)...

ChatGPT can also write computer programs!

A lot of the jobs lawyers do is to write "boilerplate" type of letters... I reckon AI will take up a lot of the "boilerplate"-type of lawyer work. (It probably won't take over arguing cases in court, though... Not in front of a jury, anyway, where a person-to-person connection is still important!)

I'm watching it, eagle-eyed...

Best wishes,


I see, you too, get the MJ DiMarco newsletter. So, I signed up, spent all of 15 minutes there, and left. Nothing there for me.

I'm so happy that I won't be around when HAL tells Dave (2001 A Space Odyssey) "don't touch that Dave".

We're not far from AI to AI, and then, what's the point. My bot will answer your bot...I want to set up my old answering machine, cause the robot calls I'm getting are ridic...and since I gave up may phone number at this site, I can't wait to start getting their messages telling me how great their AI is.

My creative writing
high school teacher would certainly have given me a D- for that story. And that just for turning it in on time.

I don't know how MJ used it, but more power to him.

Thanks for sharing, but now, what was the big secret?

Was it...."at least with AI, there is some proof there might be a little intelligence on the Internet" A very little.

Mr. (Exhales noxious Cohiba smoke into the air) Alexandre

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