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January 28, 2023, 05:09 AM
Thanks Millard,

Once during a Break Gary Spoke about selling Vacuum Cleaners dr to dr.
FREAKING amazing.

Gary Was a Testing Maniac.

I coach Dr to Dr and Phone Telemarketers
based on his Hi Profit Door to Door Tested Strategies.

#1 - IF you do dr to dr Sales - You Do not TELL the home owner you want to Sell them.

You Pretend to be LOST.

#2 - Gary wanted to look SWEATY so he Used a water Bottle to Spray his face.

#3 - Gary wanted folks to Feel Sorry for him. He Rumpled his Hair. Complained about his boss. Pulled his Tie Crooked.

#4 - Gary said, "I am looking for Ralph Barnes. (Which just happened to be a neighbor 2 houses away)

#5 - Gary was SO Grateful - after he Got Inside to get a Drink Of Water.
He insisted on Vacuuming their Living room Rug.

Heh heh heh

I Just got a Guy to #2 at his Solar Panel Telemarketing Company.

A - The Big HUMP we had to get past was The INSTANT HANGUPS.


Craig NOW says, "I'll Pay You 1000.00 Dollars if I Can Ask You ONE QUESTION. Which might Pay You 10Grand."

B - Keeps them on the Phone and Gets Their Email and Address - so he Can Email them the Special Report on How to Pocket a Pile of DOUGH.

LED Motion Detectors
25.00 Solar Lamp

Over the Past 5 Years - My own Electric Bill went from 132.00 a mo to 31.00 a month
1200 a year times 5 = 6Grand (So I wrote the Report myself)

The Promise to GIFT them 1000 bucks is REAL.

C - If their Electric Bill is High Enough - he Does the Solar Roof Pitch.


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