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February 1, 2023, 02:24 AM
Thanks Millard,

Donna Told me She Got Hired and Paid 300.00 for each of
10 CEO's of Fortune 500 Companies she got appointments with.

She Got Appointments with 8 out of 10.

$24,000.00 PLUS all 8 CEO's hired Donna!

HER CLIENTS - 2 Partners who Wanted to Discuss putting Small Shops inside the Fortune 500 Retail Stores. Got Appointments.

But Donna's MIS-DIRECTION Magic Trick is what the CEO;s Wanted to buy.

What She did to Get APPOINTMENTS with them
is what they wanted to Buy.

The CEO's Wanted her to do THE PIZZA BOX Trick on behalf of their Top Sales People!

Door In Any Biz This Way. (We Use Versions of this idea to Get Appointments still)

I - Call The Local Pizza Store Supplier - and Get Some Blank Pizza Boxes

II - Phone The PR Dept OR go online for a Photo of The Biz owner or CEO

III - Put the CEO's Face on The pizza box.

IV - Find an Ad Specialties Company. Get them to Put The CEO's Mug on
Bars of Soap,
Whistles all kinds of Stuff.

V - Rent a Delivery Outfit. Personally Deliver The EGO-BOO - Pizza Box to The CEO.

Oh yeah.

Thank You Note Says, "Please Call This # to Get The REST of The Thank You Rewards with Your Face on Them that do not Fit in The Box..."

When the CEO calls - You March in with The REST of His Stuff.


EGO Marketing WORKS.

Steve Jobs Turned in his LEASED Mercedes Every 6 Months.

Just so He Could Drive around with BLANK LICENSE Plates.

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