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May 2, 2007, 02:46 PM

Thanks for asking.

A few things...

Thing # 1: Why retire?

Seems to me, when people retire they give up their current purpose and shortly perish. The youngest Aged people I've seen are those who do Not retire but keep on working. Such as 82 year youngs looking younger and having more energy and get up and go than 65 year olds who've retired.

I've never seen a bird die in mid flight.

Retirement is a cultural thing. Like The Island in The Island or whatever it was called in Logan's Run, you get the idea.

Thing # 2: Why ask us?

There is little to no cost. And when there is little to lose and much to gain by trying, then try.

So jump right in and give it a whirl. You just might find General is bunk but Niche is where it's at. Or you might find General is the bomb. Or the whole thing should be classified under FUBAR.

Just know, publications require committment. Long term. Do you have it?

Michael Ross

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