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Sandi Bowman
May 1, 2007, 11:11 PM
Pete, it may have possiblities BUT...and it's a big one...why are there TWO weeklies in your area publishing just one day apart? The answer to that question will definitely help your direction and planning or even feasibility decisions.

Here's why I'd look carefully before leaping. If the papers are divided along political lines (and this is often the case when two exist as you describe) you could be opening a can of worms or find yourself on the wrong side of the numbers game. It could also be a factional thing (anything from religion to family squabbles etc) so check it out.

You might like to try something a bit different than is currently offered, if there is potential based on your research. You might try a Thrifty Nickel type of publication or a twice weekly hot sheet of some sort.

Good luck, Pete.

Sandi Bowman

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