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May 11, 2007, 01:57 AM

Thanks for mentioning the leaders and their "gods".

until the INDIVIDUAL person has as her mission the happiness of other people as the definition of HER happiness the splits will occur

This is the same Jibble put forth for eons. To "live for others". Obviously, this is Flawed as you yourself immediately state after the above...

having know several women with that attitude of 'service', they eventually get tired of giving and not getting back

If Happiness was achieved by Serving Others, then these woman would have been Happy.

THINK for a moment WHO is telling you to achieve happiness by serving others? The Church? Hmmm.... think they have something to gain.

ANY time someone tells you to Serve Others there is a Slave/Master thing at play somewhere. If you look you will find it.

Happiness - however that is defined - would be Better Achieved by... pleasing yourself without infringing upon other people's property rights while Not expecting Something For Nothing. An Equal Exchange of Values, in other words.

What happens instead is, people try to get values for nothing from other people. To Control them for their own benefit. To withhold information the other person would need to make an Informed Decision.

Children see this in action from their parents, teachers, politicians and so on. And simply Adopt what they see without question.

We touched on this Briefly on the other forum. Conflict can be resolved by two people Unless...

1. There is a Thirdy Party involved

2. One is trying to get values for nothing from the other person (Control them for their own gain).

Michael Ross

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