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May 11, 2007, 02:17 AM

Thanks for being thinking.

Actually, it's Not a flawed arguement.

World Peace is achieved Only by Not wanting Power over others - something unlikely to happen on this planet. I am merely Stating and pointing out to you, the very idea of wanting world peace is to want power over others - to control them for your wishes, and to Assume everyone else wants the same as you. And this is to be guilty of the same thing the more-visible "world Not at peace" people are guilty of.

Me? I have no such desire. I do not wish to change the world. I am quite okay with Letting it and its inhabitants be how they want to be. I merely point out the hypocrisy of wanting world peace.

POWER: Power can not be taken it can only be Given. If someone has POwer over you it is because YOU give them that power.

If I do not give my power willingly, the only recourse a power monger has is to turn it into something physical. But Physical power only has a limited effect and can backfire doubly so.

Michael Ross

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