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May 9, 2007, 02:38 AM
Let's all be like Dogs then...

Lick our butts and balls. Take a dump anywhere. Roll in goodness knows what. Be unable to pass on our thoughts or experiences. Be unable to Create anything. Be unable to even utter our own names. And just live without any thought of our own existence or of tomorrow. And run around in the bush trying to catch our food. Rape the female of the species when its that time. And so on and so forth.

Uh hum. Truly noble... NOT.

I PROUDLY have Prejudices. If I did not I would treat a child molesting murderous serial killer the same as an Honest couldn't-hurt-a-fly citizen. I would gladly accept any aim that turns me into a sacrifical animal to Support the needy hordes. I would be... brain dead. Incapable of Logical thought or Reason - the very thing that makes us Above the other Animals on the planet.

Of course, if you or anyone else wants to be dog-like, then go right ahead. Just don't crap in my yard HA!

Michael Ross

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