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Dien Rice
June 17, 2007, 04:02 AM
Hi Michael,

At the bottom of the messages, in the box on the left is says...

Posting Rules
You may post new threads
You may post replies
You may post attachments
You may edit your posts
vB code is On
Smilies are On
[IMG] code is On
HTML code is Off

So I figured there was an Easy way to just trun HTML code On.
Yeah, their terminology is confusing... In looking into this (after your earlier post), I found some discussions about this and others thought it could be about "turning on" HTML too...

What it's "actually" for is more for forums for webmasters, where they may discuss creating HTML code. When it is turned on, you can put anything in there and it will print it as is - it won't try to "interpret" it. Also, it will "highlight" it so it stands out. (It's probably not that useful here, since we don't discuss technical HTML stuff that often, but on forums about creating websites and web pages it would be a nice feature!)

You can see what I mean at the following link... There's an example of it near the end of the page (or just do a search for "HTML Code" on the page the next link goes to, and go to the 2nd occurrence of the term)...


Apparently what you asked about (turning HTML on, so you could use HTML in posts) is a feature a number of people would like - according to some of the vBulletin forum posts I read. However, the vBulletin folks haven't implemented it so far, to my knowledge...



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