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Sandi Bowman
June 17, 2007, 07:44 AM
Dien, the orange box is right at the end of the URL line in Firefox, then there is the menu drop down arrow to select from recent access list and then the green arrow. When I try to access the down arrow to choose another URL, I accidentally hit your orange box instead and have to wait for it to load and then click out of there and try again. Hope that clarifies what I was talking about.

Just don't overdo the experimenting and polls because we come here to help and be helped so you don't want to distract visitors from the real purpose of the forum.

Frankly I'd rather be able to see and read ALL the former posts as I have a need to refer to some of them for various reasons. There seems to be a gap from the way far back to the fairly current. Can we close that gap, please?

Sandi Bowman

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