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Dien Rice
June 17, 2007, 12:54 AM
Hi Michael,

Thanks for asking.

I really can't be bothered voting on this. I don't see a point to vote.

What's not to like? A couple of graphics sitting unobtrusively at the top of the forum. Some will use it, some won't. Unless it's costing you time and money to have it, it doesn't matter if it's there or not, right? Those who use such things will, those who don't, won't. Simple.
Yeah, I figure the same thing. But I just thought I'd ask, in case there's anyone who really doesn't like it... :)

The poll is anonymous too - so if anyone really doesn't like it, no-one will know who they are. I figure that way you can get more "honest" feedback... (Actually, I read that in something Dan Kennedy wrote - that you get more honest answers with anonymous polls. I think it was in a recent email of his about surveys [I'm on his email list]... Because I've been thinking about surveys, I "notice" now when something survey-related pops up!)

Any chance we can get HTML in posts turned On?
I did a quick check about this... I don't think a "turn on HTML" option is standard with this forum software (vBulletin). However, there may be a "modification" which can do it... I'll see if I can find if one exists somewhere...!

Thanks for your feedback, Michael!



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