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June 27, 2007, 06:56 AM

Thanks for adding some more.

It isn't about giving one group different treatment or not. Heck, businesses have Preferred Customers Clubs all over the place. It's about forcing your sexual fetish onto people.

Look. If the Same Sex Fetishists want a list of businesses that are Friendly towards them, and that list is distributed where they Hang Out, then fine. It's still a double standard though.


It's no different than making a directory of businesses who say they are friendly to people who like to [insert a gross sexual fetish here] and then handing that directory to everyone you meet. It's Forcing it onto people.

And then, if there was a Directory of businesses who were Friendly towards those not of your sexual fetish, they jump up and down about it.

I am NOT going to cut them any slack just because they claim to be hard done by. Forcing your sexual fetish onto people and then Lobbying to get things your own way is hypocrtical. I'm calling it what it is. Make all the excuses and twist your thoughts and do mental gymnastics around it all you like. It doesn't change What It Is.

Michael Ross

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