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June 23, 2007, 11:04 PM

Thanks for your comments.

*I* do NOT do business with anyone that makes it a point to tell me their religion or sexual preferences. If an ad has a Xian Fish Symbol than I will avoid them. If someone feels they need to tell me of their homosexuality then we won't do business - or after the current transaction is complete we won't do business any more.

It isn't that I have anything against people of a certain religion or sexual preference (although, those in NAMBLA need a bullet), it's the Act of Telling me. I don't need to know, yet, it is forced onto me.

The hair of African-Ancestry people is different to that of European and Asian ancestry, so I can understand knowing in advance if a hair cutter does your type of hair. But such knowledge isn't needed to be published in an African-Ancestry-Only publication. Just as other Normal YP ads mention the Niche services they offer, Hair Salons can and do the same.

Yeshua ben Yosef was Jewish. So there is no difference there. I fail to see your point in that regard. And even if I was of a different religion - I am anti-religion so *I* am certainly of a different religion all the time - that doesn't mean I need a book of ads to show me which other people are also of a certain religion or non religion. Heck, I'll chat with anyone about their religion - even Scientologists, Moonies and other whackjobs.

Jokes? Who cares about Jokes? Not that I can ever recall being in a business when Jokes were made about anything. But Jokes in general. People need to lighten up overall. Gay friendly dry cleaners? Give me a break. They are segregating themselves. And the only thing such a directory would do for me is, let me know which businesses NOT to give me business to.

Just like my Xian example... if you feel the need to tell me when it isn't warranted, then you lose my business.

Remember, the moment you mention one Group you isolate all other groups. So, you're gay friendly. Does that mean you're not friendly to hetero people? See what happens?

If these Groups want to stop being treated differently, they need to stop expecting different treatment, or treating themselves differently. And it needs to start on the individual level.

Greeks need to pull their heads in and allow their sons/daughters to get with others who are not "nice Greek boys/girls". And so and so forth through all ethnicities and ancestries. If people don't segregate themselves and make a fuss about it, there is no segregation.

This won't ever happen because there are vested interests (Lobby groups and so on) that makes too much money out of keeping segregation happening.

Want to end segregation? Stop labeling yourselves. Asian American, African American, Homsexual, Gay, Lesbian, blah blah. You are first and foremost a Person. Maybe you are an American. If so, that is all you are. Not a Sub-Label-American.

Of course, as you can see, without such labels you cannot then call yourself (generic you) a minority group of any variety and Claim Special Rights. And you'd be forced to be like everyone else who doesn't have Special Rights, and get by on your own.

In one of the States in Australia, an old census saw only 600 people refer to themselves as Indiginous (Aboriginal). The lefty govt then gave them Sit Down Money, as they call it. The following census saw 16,000 people in that state call themselves Indiginous. The only thing that chaged was, it was now profitable to be Indiginous - to be a certain label - as money was taken from productive people and Given to unproductive people to encourage them to continue to be unproductive.

Look how you started your reply... "As a minority..." YOU are labeling yourself.

Want to know something? I live in Australia. Was even born here. But I do not consider myself "Australian". I consider myself a Person who happens to live in Australia. And if I TRY I can certainly find a way to claim myself to be of some Minority or another - having Mixed Ancestry. But I Choose NOT to do that. I do not play the religion, race, or sexuality card and claim to be hard done by because of those things.

Will people prefer to employ one type of person over another? Sure they will. Just as there are those who won't prefer a Type of person and only care whether the job can be done. And there are also those who will employ the other person instead. The door swings both ways.

Read my post. Though there is Tongue in Cheek within it, it is stating something we all know and see. That while it is deemed OK for a Gay Friendly Directory, there would be OUTRAGE if there was a Hetero Friendly Directory or any Directory aimed at the Majority - as determined by the non-existence of some group claiming minority status and special rights because of it.

Look. If you want to advertize in a Vieny Hands Fetishist Friendly Directory, then be my guest. I don't care. But I will ark up when advertising in an "Anti Vieny Hands" Directory is banned.

E.g. We can have a Same Sex Fetishist Directory (lets call it what it is, ok, and not sugar coat it with different words) and that's ok. Then, we should also be allowed to have a HeteroSexual Friendly Directory. I have no objection to a Brown-Skinned-People-Friendly directory as long as I can also have a Cream-Skinned-People-Friendly directory. But we both know, that just ain't gonna happen, is it.

Without a label you are just a person like everyone else. Then you are forced to have Individual Rights. But suich rights Clash with the Claims made by people who label themselves and want special rights, don't they?

Michael Ross

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