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June 23, 2007, 11:52 PM

I understand your point, however I live in the United States (Los Angeles to be exact) and labels are as American as apple pie. Every Government form requires you identify yourself with them, as well as many other types of businesses (including all schools).
Look how you started your reply... "As a minority..." YOU are labeling yourself.
I AM a minority as my race is not the majority in this country. BTW, I do not take "special priveleges" as I see no need for it.

Remember, the moment you mention one Group you isolate all other groups. So, you're gay friendly. Does that mean you're not friendly to hetero people? See what happens?
I disagree. You stated very clearly that you would not do business with gays. To me it just means that they don't discriminate & welcome all customers.

Want to end segregation? Stop labeling yourselves. Asian American, African American, Homsexual, Gay, Lesbian, blah blah.
As simple & idealistic as that sounds, it'll never happen. Segregation, racism, sexism - all the isms as a matter of fact are human nature. It's been going on since man began. Thousands of years and man still can't get it right.:(


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