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June 24, 2007, 04:41 AM

Thanks for adding some more.

I said I would Not do business with a Same Sex Fetishist who went out of the way to tell me they were a Same Sex Fetishist. And there is a difference between that and not doing business with Same Sex Fetishists in general.

I have done plenty of repeat business with Same Sex Fetishists. And those were the ones who didn't feel a need to tell me of their fetish. But if I am told before hand - or even during the business transaction - then I will not do business and any business started will be the last.

E.g. I did some multiple business transactions with a woman whom I "just knew" was a Same Sex Fetishist. During the fourth transaction she told me she was a Lesbian and asked if I had a problem doing business with a lesbian. I said "no", we finished our business and the next time she call I told her I was not in that line of business any more.

The only difference was... she went out of her way to tell me she was a Same Sex Fetishist and I did not need to know.

I've done plenty of business with Jews and Muslims - and repeat business too. But those people who choose to tell me their religion, for no obvious reason, I will not do business with any more. For some reason this is usually Xians.

As I said, it isn't what you are but that you force the knowledge onto me without me asking, that I do not like.

About being a Minority. As I said, if I look I can find a way to be a Minority as well. In fact, I doubt there is a person on this board who, if they looked hard enough, couldn't find a way to be a minority in some way. So if you choose to view yourself as such, that is Your Choice. My choice is not to go down that road and so I don't have any "hard done-by minority" thoughts in my head, even if I claim nothing extra.

Govt forms: Just because you put something on a form doesn't mean you need to walk around proclaiming that label to the world.

The difference is, as I stated, I see myself as a Person who lives in Australia. I do not view myself as an Australian or Label-Australian. I don't view myself as white (or cream-ish colored to be more precise). I do not view myself as any of the different Races within me.

And while segregation might have been around for a long time, it would pay to have a Closer Look as to the Why of that. It's not as Black and White as you think.

With all things, it Starts with the individual. And though My Individual view might be idealistic, that's no reason not to adopt it, is it? Why not go with it despite what others Think? Shrug off your thoughts of being a Minority and be a Person. Just a person. A Person without a Label. Start with yourself. Maybe others will follow, maybe they will not. Who cares?

It might not be easy. I know that. I've seen/experienced the Pressure that races place on their young to stay within the race - brown-skinned girls getting a hard time from brown-skinned boys because she's with a cream-skinned boy, and vice versa. Asian and non-Asian couples and so on. As well as other Mixed ethnicities. But to hell with those crabs in the pot, I say.

Sure, politicians like Jesse Jackson playing the race card make it hard for people to be individuals instead of part of a group. But you (generic you) need to be just a person first and foremost. To resist the urge to become an automoton droid. If that means shutting off the all knowing eye and all speaking box and disengaging from the Brainwashing we call News and media commentators, then so be it. If that means frequenting different places, then so be it.

It starts with the individual.

I mentioned the media being shut off as they also cause a lot. For instance...

A while back down here an Abo was put into jail after a scuffle and died a while later. During the scuffle he had sustained an injury that lead to his death. It was an internal injury no-one knew about.

The Inquest found no malicious intent and an injury sustained accidentally. The Abos who live on Sit Down Money and drink booze all day, cause a Big Fuss. The state leader (a politician) ordered another Look into it, with a Court Case being the result. The police officer was found Not Guilty.

The media decided to show a disgruntled Abo saying "it's like the KKK".


To help cause segregation. Read my sig file.

Michael Ross

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