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October 23, 2007, 04:03 PM
I like to "keep up with the times"....and "keep my marketing ear" open as to WHAT people WANT (the key word here is "want")

In my area, as is true in most areas in this country...home prices have dropped, drastically. Homes and property are sitting idle with NO Bids.

This past year, "sale" prices have gone down about 20% and homes that were selling in 30 days are now selling in 120 days...at much lower prices.

Home sellers....do NOT WANT to pay thousands for a realtor commission on a "lower priced home"!

So...what does this mean to the "creative entroopeneer"?

Offer homesellers an "alternative" to listing with a RE Agent.

For $499 a "selling homeowner" gets;

1) a Website (www.1234Jackson.com) THEIR ADDRESS as their own personal Domain Name (URL)
2) PHOTOS (inside and out) of their home
3) 2 Signs with the URL
4) a LINK on our Local "FSBO" Website
5) local advertising of our Local "FSBO" website
6) our Report, "Sell Your Home Yourself"

Don Alm
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