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October 26, 2007, 10:19 AM

I was in Seattle recently and came across this organization that has a pretty cool business model:


As you can see they offer a little bit of everything in terms of class content.

They also provide the classroom facilities and support, distribute something like 70,000 course catalogs a month in the Seattle area, and operate on a membership dues structure.

Interesting, eh?



YES it is, Thanks Rod.

There are a lot of these type of things...here's how SQ1 will be different.

I want to learn MS Excel for a job I saw in the paper that requires it. Although I have some experience with it, basic stuff, I need to take a class to have a good foundation.

Here are my options around the country...to make my point on the SQ1.

From the Boston Center of Adult Education (Similar to University of Akron and other Adult Education centers)

See, I have to WAIT for when it is scheduled.

Here is a catalog (PDF file) that I love. GREAT stuff here. But note on the MS Excel {last page of listings) that I have TO WAIT.


From the Colorado Free University, who uses CompuSkills


For a one day intensive on MS Excel, I'd expect to pay 149 to 199 so far, and I have to WAIT for when it's scheduled.

Here's a 99 buck ONLINE class:


Another ONLINE course for 125 or less for members:


And the DiscoverU catalog, another nifty presentation.

The basic concept for the SQ1 Training Center IS:

IF you need to learn MS Excel this week...WE can do that.

WE can arrange it at your schedule, and on your demand...as we could do with almost 80% of the classes listed at all of the above. The exceptions would be a "personality based" type of program, like if Howard Berg HIMSELF were teaching his speed reading method (although I could find plenty of "Speed Reading and Speed Learning" experts in any area of the country...and again, I'd have enough of them that ONE would be available within days or even hours of inquiry.

WE could do scheduled classes, and give DEEP Discounts. I'd charge 69-79 dollars for an intensive DAY long session for MS Excel for example...and only need 3 students to be profitable.

SEE those buildings and COSTS? The existing Continuing Education or Adult Ed programs are "housed" somewhere, like at a University or the company has committed a substantial investment in a place.

With the SQ1 "franchise"...an investment of less that 50k gets the CENTER, the computers, everything needed to LAUNCH and the HOW TO do it also...and we get the space as we need it, OR let our providers use their facilites (under certain restrictions/qualifications like liability insurance...background checks where need be, etc.)

We can compete (let me use local references here) DIRECTLY WITH The U. of Akron, Kent State U., Cleveland State, Youngstown State...private providers, state, county and non profits...

BECAUSE we are Mini--Mobile--Efficient--and better organized and mostly because we can deliver the goods faster, easier, cheaper and provide a ton of income to the Independent Contractors we use to do the actual teaching.

Thanks Rod, that is a great "concept" that is being implemented by many Adult Ed Centers around the conuntry...and it offers a contrast to what the SQ1 will do.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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