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October 23, 2007, 08:47 PM

I was in Seattle recently and came across this organization that has a pretty cool business model:


As you can see they offer a little bit of everything in terms of class content.

They also provide the classroom facilities and support, distribute something like 70,000 course catalogs a month in the Seattle area, and operate on a membership dues structure.

Interesting, eh?





I did have FUN brainstorming...and the results from all that mental activity are:

a 15 year old IDEA, that, at that time, did not have the TECHNOLOGY to make it happen...and NOW...

today, it does.

Let's look out the window at the American landscape...outsourcing and loss of manufacturing jobs...NEWS?...hardly, more of an avalanche trend that has no sign of slowing down...

Housing crisis? Is Crisis correct? Depends on where you stand, sit and see things...but, it sure looks, sounds and smells pretty dank from most seats in the house.

Giving people mortgages who couldn't afford them? They HOPED they could, and the lenders HOPED they could too.

What is ONE solution to the America in free fall spending and current economic doldrums?


but, again, or as usual, the money went into the wrong hands...BILLIONS have been allocated by gov'ts for training displaced workers...who got the money?

Your State and County...who are in my opinion totally clueless as to HOW to go about helping people in any way shape or form...but how about success in spite of the these "secured job" nincompoops?

Hey books and books and mountains of articles have been written about what is WRONG...how about some solutions (we won't get them from politicians, I can guarantee you that)...

SOLUTION ONE: Private Training.

5 years ago if you wanted to learn, say, MS Office (and even figure out how to beat that little A-Hole who pops up and offers help, while destroying your work with his "intuition" {hey, I taught that crap at a computer training center}...

anyhow, you had limited choices a few years ago about where to go to get training. NOW you can get it ON demand, online.

HOWEVER, (and this is a big but {"let's talk about your big but Dottie"..Pee Wee Herman}


for the vast majority, and I only have personal hands on experience, no documented gov't studies or anything...

the MAJORITY of people can NOT be trained this way, they need a person to person setting. Not YOU? Fantastico, go to the head of the class....

for 98% of Americans, IN MY OPINION, they learn faster, easier and retain more by having a "teacher" at their side, who can answer the questions as they come up...but if you wanted to take a class, you had to WAIT until it was available...but, what if...what if, you could take whatever class you wanted on YOUR SCHEDULE...on your DEMAND? ...

...LIVE...with a person-to-person teching you how program. (The IDEA)

So that is ONE aspect of the Mobile-Mini University/Square One Workshops Training Center and Silver String Submarine Humazoo Band...IDEA...

Oh, maybe not the band, cause I'm virtually tone death and couldn't carry a tune in small bottle tied around my neck...I'd open the bottle and it would somehow be OFF KEY ;)

There would be a SMALL, probably less than a 1000 Sq.Ft. CENTER, that can put on small training sessions...but more importantly, it acts as a CLEARING HOUSE for people who have specialized knowledge and wish to share it with others for a profit.

So, it doesn't have to be about learning computers or software, machinery, mechanics, or Mavis Beacon type stuff...it could be someone wanting to learn anything...EVEN something like:


So, the Center would pick up the phone and contact our local Millard Grubb or Dan Butler type (whoever is signed up and approved to teach)...and offer him a paying gig.

Want to learn to dance? OH Erik...
Cook?... Deborah
Woodwork?... Jason
etc. etc.

And the LOCATIONS can be mobile, they can be in your home, their home, a central meeting place, at one of our "satellites"...

And there is no LIMIT to what you can offer, and NO limit to the demand...

AH, I've got to pull out that old business plan and dust it off...and find someone who can help make it happen...

A Mobile Mini University/Training Center FRANCHISE...USA can probably support about 2,000 of these.

Well, that's MY idea of the... the day?!

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. Hey, while we're training people, let's get their RESUMES up to snuff, offer JOB SEARCH help, possibly even some TEMP work...or at the very least a meet and greet every month...between TRAINED (CERTIFIED RESUMES) job seekers and employers seeking tested and trained applicants...We get em coming and going and all stops in between....FEEL free to add to my IDEA if you can think of other "services" we could offer...thanks!

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