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January 6, 2008, 12:47 PM
Here's a Q for You:
Where would one go to research the businesses
(Types / Industries / Products/Services, etc.)
that have thrived Historically (as You mentioned)
during Depression and Recession times?

What would YOU do if the US would go into a Tail Spin
and get STUCK in a Recession and/or Depression?
(will have to wear the "WWGD" badges... HA!)

I bet a LOT will be riding on the elections and who wins.

(Not Anonymous)


Instead of 29, let's go back to 1974... similar situation with OIL...

And make no mistake about it, OIL is the problem...or rather, how much of it we get...

One of my secet weapons is a TIME machine...found in libraries and online at places like best sellers of ______ etc. Old magazines and newspapers. Which is why I still harp on visiting the LIBRARY once in awhile. I can find things on Micofilm in a matter of seconds, whereas, online it could take days to track this stuff down...

Anyhow, there are basics. One basic is OIL is in every aspect of our lives, from the grocery store to our transportation. IT is the critical element for us.

All the rhetoric of the presidential candiates isn't going to change squat in Washington. If you drive a car, you buy gasoline...gasoline prices are going up. Bet on it.

Home heating oil: going UP. Electricity: UP. Water prices: UP.
The good news is, real estate is going to hit a low...great if you have some bux to invest...but make sure you have tenants or buyers lined up first.

So Christopher, that is the first place to look for opportunity:

Answer these questions:

How can I help people save money on their electric, gas, water on all utilities?
What products will people want? (Energy efficient ones)

What about JOBS? Today's paper is full of major companies from Kraft to Chrysler who will be laying off thousands of workers this year...what do these job seekers, the newly unemployed want/need?

The March 2008 issue of Small Business Opportunitties has this headline:


According to the Gordon Alexander Economic Indicator Scale...this is NOT good news for the economy...but it is great for those who have material or businesses that can help people earn money...

It will be a great time for CHATTEL (EVEN BETTER TIMES, cause there is no bad time to chattel).

Barter will once again hit the spotlight. Gold. Silver. Diamonds. Pocket watches, etc. will soar.

HOMESTEADING will become HOT again...dust off those old green house plans...and get out the past issues of Mother Earth News.

Help people MAKE more money, SAVE money, keep their money...lower their utilities, have more fun, get and stay healthy...and you'll be one of the FEW that prospers in the coming RECESSION.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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