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January 6, 2008, 12:22 PM
There will be RECESSION...some say we're in it. Not quite. But soon. Very soon.

Mark it, copy it and print it out...rub my nose in it IF I'm wrong. BUT,

the majority of people will get HURT in this recession. A minority will be untouched. And a few...a very few...

are going to PROSPER beyond their wildest dreams. NOT because I say so, but because history says so.

The next US president is going to be facing the worst economic crisis of our generation and it may rival the crisis of the Depression.

Go ahead, and put down your opposing views if you want...go on the record...(but not anonymously...you'll be deleted)...and let the cards fall where they may.

I'm going to address and be in the "few"...those that will continue to prosper and rise above the recession. You can't be of much help to others if you are one of those that are getting "hurt" by the recession.

Your choice is to get hurt...or get healthy, from a financial viewpoint.

OPPORTUNITIES sky rocket in downturn economies...but so does disaster...and there are too many people dancing with disaster.

OK? So what can I do Mr. Recessionitis?

Do your homework and look to history, to see what types of businesses will soar...what was gangbusters in 74-75? LOOK to history for clues to your future. I'll be sharing some of my thoughts on the Great RECESSION of 08-09 etc. so please share yours.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. Where you are TODAY, right now...IF I'm right and we bottom out and RECESSION overtakes us...right now...

will you GET HURT? or will you PROSPER?

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