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Sandi Bowman
January 6, 2008, 01:49 PM
Okay, I'm on record as saying that, economic factors may spur people to take actions that lead us into...and, when they're fed up enough...out of recessions but the bottom line is people talk/act themselves into and out of recessions.

It begins with 'what if' and leads to 'just in case'. 'Just in case' leads to 'actions that cause further downturns' that leads to...exactly what they caused to happen.

I have very little patience with the scaremongers who predict this, that, and the next thing and broadcast their doom and gloom everywhere without thought of the fallout...and for the people who refuse to think for themselves and act rashly on the say-so and behaviors of others. A big 'sell-off' by a few self-appointed leaders and next thing you know, the stocks are being sold off, usually at a loss, for no other reason than simple-minded panic.

There are, because of the ridiculous mix of regulations and people with their hands out for anything they can grab from the gov, factors that increase or decrease (occasionally) the natural turns of events but, bottom line is, if everyone just had patience and waited things out, they'd avoid losing money and jobs and recession would be mild, if it happened at all.

Study history if you want but it's not going to be a lot of help. This isn't the 19th century but the people are still subject to 19th century thinking...and that's the real problem we face. That and lawmakers without any sensible restraints on their passing of ridiculous regulations and so on.

What we need to do is repeal 3 laws for every 1 law they want to put on the books, at minimum for starters, then take some of that education for the masses money that's invested in 'garbage' research and educate the masses about cause and effect. Other than that...well, read your history books, bury your money until it is again worth more than the dirt it's resting in, and hang on for dear life.

To those who invest, more power to you, but give some thought to putting that money into things that will keep us out of recession or help the economy and the people thrive instead of taking the profits and putting them into gambles and speculation and then letting it sit. I know it's wishful thinking...but one can dream, can't they?

Sandi Bowman

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