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January 20, 2012, 03:56 PM
OK, so what does the martial art of Ketsugo have to do with anything remotely business like, or
how does that fit in with the forum? Be patient grasshopper, I'll tell you in the next thread...

52 years of selling, so far. 52 years of study on persuasion, influence, manipulation, propaganda, control of the masses, the hidden persuaders, the forbidden techniques...

I've literally read thousands of books on all things persuasion and spent tens of thousands of dollars on classes, courses, workshops on the subject of trying to get other people to do what you want them to do.

This study took me into the cults of San Francsisco in 1973-76. And I was recently startled to find how some of these cults are THRIVING today , albeit by another name.

How do people get persuaded to join a cult? Well, I could write another book on that subject to go along with my infamous, How to Start a Cult for Fun and Profit.

Short and sweet...people join cults (clubs, fraternities, etc.) to have a sense of belonging to something important, to them)...more complicated than that...but, I have to stay basic.
OK, it began with the Elmer's. Wheeler and Leterman

One said to sell the sizzle, not the steak. The other said the sale begins when the customer says no.

From Elmers to Bettger to Ziglar. I've read and studied them all.

From Dr. George Crane's Psychology Applied to the NLP gurus, to Cialdini...from Barnum to Bailey Road moments...

It has been a lifetime of learning (and I hope I'm not over it yet).

But what was useful?

See, there are just as many conflicting techniques and methods in selling and in copywriting and in persuasion as there are conflicting methods in the martial arts. A big difference between winning a Karate Kid type belt or trophy, than to face down someone on the stree who would take your life if you allowed it.

Conflict, in fact, seems to be a central theme throughout the notes.

Elmer says this, Bettger says that.
Bandler says one thing, Grinder something different.
Hitler shouldn't be considered a great persuader....OH, really?

Conflicts. Confusion. Counter measures.

But what the heck WORKS?

And in the 52 years of AR notekeeping (An8l Retentive) I've found a few answers.

But the answers aren't found in ONE discipline. Once saw a Judo expert get tossed around like a rag doll by a sumo wrestler...those guys are big.

Just as none of the martial arts have everything you need, like Ketsugo, you should pull from the very best of the best and tested and proven effective methods....which work...

that is,

which WORK...FOR YOU.

Just as I today wouldn't try a leg sweep, I have had to make adjustments to keep what works and discard the rest.

What works?

Ask a bunch of copywriters. If you visit any forums, you'll see a ho bunch of different answers, each guy CERTAIN his way is the right way...and it may be for HIM...but probably doesn't fit everyone.

Like martial artists, one has a tendency to fall in love with your mentor or sport and see the world view through those very myopic eyes.

A more global approach...a look at works across boundaries, borders and beliefs...is, in my opinion a more prudent approach.

So, I've coined a new term. EPU Persuasion.

E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, ONE. Like Ketsugo.

EPU Persuasion doesn't have a dogma, doesn't have a Grand Master who dictates the rules, EPU Persuasion is what works.

It takes the best of NLP. The best of hypnosis. The best of copywriting.

The best of salesmanship. The best of applied psychology. The best of scientific persuasion.

The very best of the Elmers, Cialdinis, Halberts and Kennedys, the best of seduction, the best of weird nlp, the best of rhetoric, the best of subliminal and subconscious persuasion.

It is a DIGEST of methods, techniques, strategies that have been tested and proven, in the trenches of real life, on the streets of the world stage...

and EPU Persuasion is, in my 52 years of study, research and application...the very best, fastest and easiest way there is to get people to do what you want them to do...within some self identified limits.

Adolph Hitler used powerful persuasion techniques and brought the world to the brink of destruction.

In the thousands of passages within my notebooks, journals and writings I found the distilled wisdom of the ages...NOT my wisdom, but from the thousands of books I've read, the hundreds of hours or courses, workshops and in-service trainings...

in the "story of a life" I found the essence.

The truth about persuasion.
The shortcuts.
What really works.
How to make it work.
Why so many of your attempts fail.

What you do wrong. What you do right. What you should do.

All the answers one can find after 52 years of intense study and application.

But now, a dilemma.

What to do with it?

To Be Continued.

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