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January 20, 2012, 03:55 PM
68 Days and 52 Years Later...Some Remarkable Discoveries

First, apologies for email, phone calls...I'll get caught up this weekend.

The last 68 days have been spent with me being immersed, up to 16 hours a day, in my past 52 years of life.

This may take several posts, some of it is OLD Gordon history some of you know, but, bear with me please.

I found out what Special Education was when I started school, because, I WAS one of those Special Ed Needs kids. A serious speech impediment brought the speech therapist to my school a few days a week.

She had me keep a journal, even before I could write and I did my speech lessons religously, even as my regular homework fell by the wayside. We didn't have ADD diagnoses back then, it took me about 40 years to get to that wonderful discovery.

I have every report card ever issued. I have kept the journals and scrapbooks, every picture ever taken of me, and hundreds of journals, notebooks and pieces of paper with important messages scribbled on them.

The last 68 days were used to go through this "story of a life" looking for pieces of gold, if only to me, which should be either used or discarded forever...and I've never discarded anything in my life...so here we are.

For me, it was interesting to read those letters to home I sent while in the Navy. I also have my father's letters he sent home during WWII when he was in the Army in the South Pacific.

So as not to bore you to tears regarding my misfortunes with the Pinewood Derby and what some cute redhead said to me in the fourth grade...I'll cover some of this personal history, that may, or may not have some relevancy to the forum.

In particular, I want to tell you about my 52 years of copious note taking regarding PERSUASION, influence and selling. Maybe a gem or two will appear for you.

Hopefully, most if not all of you know my start at the age of 10 with selling flowers door to door and my discovery that WORDS have power...as I've related in Spiders, Snakes and Mice, OH MY.

Then at 15 my introduction to the wonderful Fran Renner, a practicing hypno-therapist who got me started down the path of all things hypnotic.

At 20 I was studying at the Edgar Cayce center in Virginia Beach and during my voyages to Asia, I spent much time studying local folklore, as it regarded magik and rituals, ceremonies etc.

Well, here is the chase...

I've gotten scores of notes on hypnosis, projection, fascination, perusasion, salesmanship, pyschology etc, and etc.

What most of you don't know is that around 10 I also started wrestling and Judo. My childhood nickname was Judo Jay.

A man who had a profound influence on my life was named Rusty Sheehan, he was a professional photographer, and he worked with local police departments, back before CSI type investigations, they called Rusty in to take photos of the crime scene.

But he also taught a Street judo to the police forces.

I was a decent wrestler in junior high, but a lousy Judo student (ADD again??)...but I pestered Rusty to teach me the stuff he was teaching to the police. I didn't want another sport in my life, just some POWER to take care of the bullies. Well, he wouldn't do it, not until I turned 16.

In the meantime I was given boxing lesssons, and when I say boxing, I mean I got my ears boxed off and my first broken nose. See, I was a squaty little guy, the term was Husky, and most kids at my weight were 6 to 8 inches taller and had arms that stretched all the way across the ring.

I had a pretty good knockout punch, but no one every got close enough to me for me to use it...they won on points while punishing my face (think Rocky Balboa, my technique was about as good as his).

I considered this training for learning how to take a punch. And I took a lot of them. I got the reputation of a protector of the geeks, and anyone who one of the brusiers was bullying...more often then not, I got my azz kicked...but, the willingness to take a punch bode me well with the kids in school who were not on the sports teams or cheerleaders. I was a somewhat popular guy with the underdogs. Anyhow,

So, when I turned 16, with a promise to do no harm, Rusty Sheehan started to teach me Street Judo...as he called it. In the real world, there are NO rules. Kicking, biting, gouging, fish hooking were all legitimate methods when your life is on the line. I took to Street Judo pretty quickly,although, I had to be careful none of that stuff crept in during a local alley fight across from the school.

It was around this time that a new word came to my attention. KETSUGO. Ketsugo was a Japanese word which apparently meant Combined, or something like that. Ketsugo as a martial art combined the best of the holds, throws, kicks and punches from a variety of martial arts. Kestugo was not a sport, you couldn't earn belts and win competitions...it was as close to Street Judo as one could find written on the subject.

I was decent at close combat throws and once on the ground, I could always bite my way to victory if need be...

OK, so what does the martial art of Ketsugo have to do with anything remotely business like, or
how does that fit in with the forum? Be patient grasshopper, I'll tell you in the next thread...

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