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January 22, 2012, 02:33 PM
Hi Gordon,

I'm enjoying things so far! Looking forward to reading more!

I'm keen to find out more! :)

Best wishes,


Dien, the physicist, wish I could just talk, this writing is eliminating a lot of the nuances going on in my head...but you want more?

You got more...but first, a sidebar, and a loving jab to your nose...

I'm sure we discussed the Office Depot discounts about 5 years ago, buried somewhere in these archives are all kinds of useful information...maybe some day, we'll have the best of SowPub and a little store on the side so people can stock up on the hidden wisdom that lies within...


Larry the Cable guy...it is click whirr in action. Click Whirr, as explained by Cialdini, is a short cut...and we all take them...but how many of us make use of them.

Dien Rice is much more than just a physicist, but that LABEL alone tells us something...you are one smart cookie...maybe even the role model for one of the geeks on the Big Bang theory TV show...HA!

See, I know you as a friend, but you are a brother, a son, a companion...as we all wear many different hats...but...

In the business world, it is a good idea to keep it simple.

Boz, the headlight guy.
Marty, the pizza card guy.
Jason, the A frame sidewalk sign guy.
Tom, the giant postcard guy.

Give your clients and customers a Click Whirr association...it is a shortcut to their subconscious minds.

After some time of being the GUY, you become automatically associated with the business. We must use these shortcuts throughout our day because we simply get bombarded with messages...and I don't care how INTRUSIVE they may be, they as often as not, get ignored.

We operate on sensory overload.

So, if you can help people to take a short cut to what you do, then it can help grow your business.

Hey, walk into the business and say, Hi I'm John, the Offline Internet Marketer, SEO specialist and Web Developer Guy...


The least amount of confusion you can provide, the faster you can get the the job done.

NOW, some businesses are ON DEMAND or as needed only. You don't call a plumber everyday, but if your drains back up, you call the Drain Guy. And if you are known as the drain guy...you probably have an edge over Josephine the Plumber, who can do it all.

But, Josephine can be the Drain Gal. The hot water heater Gal. The kitchen sink Gal. See?

It is PRESENTATION and Perception.

YOU get to tell your customers who you are...and rather than just having a standard card which says plumber, you can have several adjusted cards which feature ONE of your specialities.

If you are selling sidewalk signs, you could have an A Frame biz card, which shows what you do...and by the way, I'm building one from PVC pipe, for about 12 bux if anyone is interested...may even try to sell a few of them...around here, about one in 9 businesses have an a frame sidewalk sign...which means there are a lot of them...but a LOT more could be sold...anyhow...

I'm spending a lot of time on the subject of influence, and persuasion because I feel they are a solid foundation on which to understand LIFE and how things work.

We all, unless you choose to be a hermit...come in contact with people who could be customers or we want in some way to influence and/or persuade them.

And in this election, we're getting a first hand look at how some people are presenting themselves and how they are being perceived. Mitt Romney doesn't stand a chance in hades of being the president...it is click whirr...can you figure out why?

So, in the body politic, arts and ENTERTAINMENt AND in business, there is a need for persuasion methods.

I recently sent a one page written TRAILER for a screenplay I am working on and asked for feedback, without telling anyone what it was...and I got some terrific feedback which will make the next rendition even better and tighter.

My knowledge, which is severely limited, about Hollywood, is they make a lot of decisions based on Click Whirr shortcuts...

So in describing a movie concept it is a lot of this meets that...

For example, a pitch might be, Seinfeld meets Cheers. or something like that, it provides a shortcut for the Hollywoodites to hook on to...and then there are the taglines...some of the best copy written...

Such as,
The longer you wait, the harder it gets. 40 Year Old Virgin.

Taglines and this meets that pitches are simply SHORTCUTS to get the point across, and it is enough information to see if one wants to continue or if it HOLDS THEIR ATTENTION ...

because in my NEW theory, attention is the END result of Intent and Preparation.

So, a knowledge of what people want...at any given time...and a know how of how to break their pre-occupation...and instantly use a Click Whirr opportunity to implant a thought into their minds...

is what I'm getting at here. HOWEVER,

in the past 52 years, and in the mountain of papers I've accumulated, there are other hidden gems, which I've only begun to mine...

but almost all the other stuff (not all) has some form of influence attached to it, such as my 17 years in social work...but, even then, be it a client, consumer or customer...

the principles of influence and persuasion come into play...

so, it is important to spend some time and study to get a solid understanding and a firm grasp of what these weapons of influence are, the ones being used on us everyday by the media, politicians and other people who would raid our wallets if we let them.

Now, the very best of the best of Click Whirr/Instantaneous Communication is Non-Verbal...and direct mind to mind communication...

Did you hear an ice cream truck?

YOU have NO clue...but a handful of people who read this will have an INSTANTANEOUS nod of understanding...because of how it was used on them...and how it was used to describe a direct mind to mind broadcast which bypasses the RAS...

and implants a thought directly into one's mind...which can then be the anchor...the click whirr...which can be used throughout the communication...

The Seinfeld show was great at using these little hooks throughout the show and got to the big punch line at the end...it all came together.

Hopefully, this thread will come together to make sense to a few of you too...

The new, less cryptic Gordon

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