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July 27, 2012, 05:40 PM
I still like to get mags and newsletters in the mail and perhaps people would enjoy these throw back type of personalized little hotsheets.

Gordon...I concur with you on receiving print. I garden for my fresh supply in summer and stored for winter and I only grow heirloom. When I decide to buy new seed (usually save my own) I only purchase from companies that send out catalog and then either visit web site or phone in to order.

I kind of miss the old Tyler Hicks monthly newsletter and the Business Opportunities Digest arriving in the mail and being able to carry them with me to read whenever I had a couple of minutes...much easier and more relaxing than toting electronics around.

I feel the printed hotsheets would be welcomed by the boomers more so than the young uns and probably should be targeted at them.

Incidentally ... the booklets report is forthcoming...you can't believe the nightmare (healthwise side effects) the tick infection has caused...vision, hand and finger disfunction, and more...I am only able to work at the computer less than 2 hours a day...so the delay is unavoidable.


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