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July 1, 2013, 02:13 AM
Just curious: I like Sowpub and all the ideas and advice that comes from it.
However, is anyone actually learning and making any money from the advice from this forum, or any other? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be negative, but just curious if anyone has applied techniques and advice from this forum or any other in order to improve life or make a difference in their life by taking action?

We can read all we want, but has anyone taken action on: Domain investing/flipping, headlight cleaning, auto detailing plastic handles/bumpers, cemetery headstone cleaning, local or national lead generation, ebay/Amazon selling, Amazon FBA, social media services with Facebook, dog scooper business, selling ads on boards, helping realtors with leads (lead gen again), chattel (Gorden and Jim Straw), Reputation management, consignment selling on ebay. I'm sure I've missed a few ideas and suggestions.

Who is doing what, and is the income ok? I'm just wondering. We all get bombarded with the next great golden nugget. I really want to know what is working for people (those that actually take action). and what is not. What is involved and what is not. I know a forum is a small place to offer such information, but a forum can also be a place to get to the point and cut to the chase.

My experience: I tried getting my hands dirty with the cemetery headstone cleaning. Only 2 calls with a 8 week ad, and neither were interested in my cost of $65.00. Wanted it for cheap.

Chattel? Tried buying here and selling there. I learned that what may sell in my area cheap, and I thought was a great item, doesn't mean much in another area. However, I did not give it much time, It is a learning process.

Lead Generation and Facebook services are the new "IN" with the gurus. Many, even small local businesses either have their "Own" people to do their work (which actually sucks and they don't realize or admit to it) or are not interested in new clients or using Facebook to engage the customers they spent a lot to bring in the door. Stupid is as Stupid does. Not worth my time.

I've babbled long enough. Instead of just ideas, I'd like to hear of successes or even failures here. We all seem to need to pay for this information from the gurus out there. And I can't stand gurus!

If I find something that works for me and is a good income generator, I will share what it is, in detail. Without charge. Wouldn't that be refreshing?

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