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August 19, 2016, 10:18 AM
Don't let the title of this video throw you... only a very small portion is about politics. https://youtu.be/EsH17taSBzo

These two atheists (although Scott doesn't claim he is) both make sense.... one for Hillary and the other for Trump, still get along fabulously well for two irrational, crazy people. Scott endorses Hillary for the same reason that Gordon prefers her over Trump.

These two guys are both brilliant! If you are interested in Hypnosis, Psychology, Persuasion, Science, Religion, Politics and being an Entrepreneur, then you may want to watch this one. The video gets really interesting when Scott mentions Robert Cialdini's new book... Pre-Suasion and how Cialdini is helping Clinton.


PS... You may want to do what I did by downloading the video as an MP3 audio file so you can listen to it while exercising instead of sitting on your butt watching it.

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