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April 9, 2010, 09:12 AM
Well, let's all hope Harvey stays in good health ...*-).

Harvey takes good care of himself, longevity runs in his family and he has the energy of a kid in a candy store.

I'm not sure if i understand his motivation for sharing his experience / passing his knowledge at all.

Well, my best guess is he wants to help people who are sincerely motivated to make it in this world, to make it. As for sharing his ecperience, he's already done that in his courses, and as dated as the material might be, the jist of the work, the essence, the meat is still very relevant, even his 06 work, that report, contained a lot of his knowledge in it.

BUT, I can't speak for Harvey regarding his "motivations".,

It seems he isn't doing it for money reasons.

Maybe. But from what I know, IF he's doing it, he expects and has planned for a huge ONGOING payday from his activities.

Does he want to help the people eager to learn from him?

Many are eager to learn...few are eager to do. That is, just like with anyone's knowledge and experience who share, he knows that many are readers, few are the doers.

He wants to help those people who are sincere, and one way, I THINK he measures that is by how willing they are to follow instructions to the letter...a feat too difficult for the majority. BUT, again, I can't speak for him, that is just my interpretation.

Or does he want to create "perfect" stuff? As a sort of legacy perhaps?

That has to do with how he operates. He's been that way, as far as I can tell, for his whole life. He had an experience at 10 which shaped and molded him. Coming from an engineering background, he builds things that are perfected, consider the recent Toyota brake pedal.

IF they had perfected the brake, as Toyota had done for decades, and not rushed it to market, they may still be in business. OH? They are?

Because from a students point of view "perfection" of materials / videos isn't really needed to transmit / teach the lessons ...

It is for the kind of student Harvey would want to teach. One problem I see all over the Internet is that the "masters" take on any student with the money...and that is fair market practices. But, again, you're not dealing with someone who HAS to make this product.

And don't we all agree on how imoportant it is to take action ... and not prepare / work endlessly to come up with something perfect?

NO! We do NOT all agree. See Mike, proper THINKING is the first ACTION...putting our brain cells in motion is the most important aspect of Harvey's material. Proper and Correct THINKING puts your actions on "auto pilot", one will automatically take the correct action once the thinking has been done.

I think MOST of us are used to the stuff put out by the "gurus", and that is one of their favorite mantras. DO SOMETHING, Take Action...but the difference is, they have to keep taking action and constantly and repeatedly create products and in many cases create demand. Harvey Brody has a 50 year plus history with just one product, and has scores of ADVANCED techniques which permit him to continue to operate in his safe harbor, while watching, nearly ALL other marketers stumble.

Sure, THEY know how to make some money...but many don't know how to keep it. Many don't know how to hit another home run. Many don't stay around for 50 years BECAUSE they just 'Did It'.

So how about Dien and Gordon trying to make Mr. Brody realize the perfectness of imperfection ...???

Never going to happen. Harvey Brody can NOT be cajoled, persuaded or influenced to do anything other than HIS way of doing it. HEY, we've worked hard for the last couple of years to get the information we have.

It was only last Summer that he really got excited about doing a project, up to then, he was working closely with me for my OWN good, and I've benefitted greatly from working with him.

It was only when I came around to the THINKING right way, that things started to happen.

Fire. Aim. Ready ...:)

I wish I could make him FIRE. But, it is his thing, being done HIS way, on his TERMS. I will say that the additional materials I've referred to over the years, and people have been able to pick up his course on eBay for pennies on the dollar (the OLD course, the orginal "Toll Position" course) and have run with that.

There are some great books, people and web sites (all of which I've pointed to in the last few years) that deal with licensing, product sourcing and distribution. And I've helped, or tried to help, a few people who actually went out and did something, beat the bushes and came up with products.

But the thing is, none of them had the right mind set in the beginning, it isn't about finding products, sourcing, or distribution.

It begins and ends in the mind. Will Harvey provide the step by step instructions in his new course? Probably. Will most people follow directions? NO. Will most people grasp his most important concept, about proper thinking? NO. Will we ever see this most advanced material? I don't KNOW.

But, there is plenty of Harvey HOW TO here at Sowpub, buried in the archives, that anyone with a FIRE, Aim, Ready mind set can make use of TODAY.
Gordon Alexander


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